Rabbi Shira Shazeer

Life-Cycle Ceremony Facilitation

Some people love to be the master of ceremonies at their own events.  Others are able to feel more fully present with someone else running the show.  After consulting with you so that I understand how you understand the particular milestone, what it means to your family, and the details that are important to you, I can facilitate these ceremonies, and let you relax and participate.  
  • Brit Milah (circumcision ceremony) - in cooperation with your Mohel
  • Welcoming and covenantal ceremonies for baby girls
  • Ceremonies for boys who will not be circumcised in a public ritual
  • Ceremonies for adoption
  • Pidyon haben / habat (redeeming of the first-born)
  • Upsherin (first haircut)
  • Ceremonies for infertility, miscarriage and loss